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Streaming live THURSDAYS 4-5 PM Pacific Time: https://twitch.tv/rpgresearch - Role-playing game talk show videos & podcasts covering RPG Entertainment, Education, Professional, & Therapeutic news, reviews, debate, theory and applied discussions, community discussions. We cover all RPG formats: Tabletop (TRPG), Live-action (LARP), Computer-based (CRPG), & Solo adventure books/modules (SABM).

RPG Talk show is not about the latest modules and releases, there are plenty of sources for that information, we will mention such releases when related to the aforementioned topics however.

The RPG Talk Show is hosted by:

Hawke Robinson, Washington State Registered Recreational Therapist with a background in recreation and music therapy, neuoscience, computer science, therapeutic recreation, and psychology, and a role-playing gamer since 1977.

John Welker, also a gamer since the late 1970s, a military veteran with a combat medic and civilian nursing, medical home care, and more. John is founder of Spokane Area Gaming Alliance, and Vice President of RPG Research.

During live broadcasts, you can chat with us in our twitch channel at twitch.tv/rpgresearch, or tweet us @rpgresearch

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The 2nd show of each month is our "Community Focus" edition of the RPG Talk Show. While we generally do include the greater RPG community in our weekly shows, during our Monthly Community Edition, we primarily focus on the rest of the RPG community.

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The RPG Talk Show Website

Welcome to the RPG Talk Show, covering weekly news, information, commentary, community discussions, and debate about the effects of all role-playing game formats, and their potential uses for professional, educational, recreational, and therapeutic goals.